Dalmatian v2

Our smallest mainboard

The Dalmatian is our legendary first board. This is where MikroBus.Net all started. We wanted to build a small and compact board running NETMF that could host two clicks. The first version was out in spring 2014, and since then things has been progressing significantly.

Designing the board

Board design starts with a detailed schematic, with all components.

Routing it

A glimpse from lab into the routing process, to ensure stable operation and high quality, all routes are inspected and maybe improved by hand.

Battery holder

Need RTC ? So you need to power it ! Easy with this CR2032 battery holder.

Face up

We think its a nice looking board.

The legendary Dalmatian

The first MikroBus.Net mainboard, in all its glory – which made a magnificent starting point for the v2 board.

The all new Dalmatian V2

Using the same components and (almost) the same design than our other boards, this new Dalmatian combines very exciting features in a very small space.