Fun with new click ideas!

Fun with new click ideas!

Hi again, long time no see 🙂

MBN are getting warm this summer, as we are looking forward to the competition for a great new click board – sponsored by MikroElektronika and Upverter. See more here. Hopefully some great ideas will pop-up, and extending the already HUGE collection of clicks, see here.

Building modular hardware and prototyping with high quality is getting easier and better every day!

Remember you can buy our Quail board from MikroE or Mouser and many other places!



Microsoft MVP looks at the Quail

Microsoft MVP looks at the Quail

People are receiving the Quail board with great delight these days.

The well respected Italian MVP on embedded systems guru Paolo Patierno has taken the Quail into a closer investigation at his blog. Take a look here:

Thanks Paolo for supporting our work.

And as a side-note. Mikrobus.Net is a team coming from the US, Denmark, New Zealand/UK, and France.

Positive user reviews coming in!

We are happy here in the Mikrobus.Net team!

We have spent lots of thinking on polishing the user experience and the possibilities with using click modules on NETMF.

We can proudly say that we are now getting feedback from people that has spent a few bucks on the Quail board and a few click modules from MikroElektronika.

And they love it! Thanks for making it fun to be a part of team!


Quail board is now for sale

Quail board is now for sale

Finally we made it! MikroElektronika has now produced a batch of our Quail board, which is really good news.

Now rush to and grab yours while supplies last.

But it did not take many days for Colin Miller at Microsoft to take a look at it, and he likes it 😉

We will move on trying to increase the stash of great drivers and download goodies for your NETMF adventure.

Stay tuned!


State machine friends

State machine friends

Yesterday Stama was released in a new version. Let me just recap on Stama: Even simple systems with a few buttons and a few sensors may quickly get really complex to control, and to help your limited brain we have Stama. A state machine framework which is designed for resource-constrained devices like the NETMF mainboards.


The first project might be a little uphill for you, but as soon as you get started, your life suddenly becomes better.

Thanks to our friend Roland Schneider for his work on this.

See more at

Especially, let me emphasize the fantastic documentation that has been written.