We have added a new category of drivers for use with Gadgeteer modules.

Since we now have some G-Adapters, the next obvious thing that could come was drivers for Gadgeteer modules. And since it is very easy to code such drivers, thanks to our Virtual Sockets and/or templates, it will not take long to have more and more drivers for such modules.

How do you use them ? Easy : take your module, see which type it is (U, I, P, XY and so on), plug the appropriate G-Adapter on any socket on the Quail (for example), download our driver and run the sample code provided. That’s all !

We are beginning with only 3 modules but you can expect more in the next few weeks !

As usual, you can find the drivers on our Download page by selecting the “Gadgeteer modules” category.

Please note that the drivers has been coded by MBN and as such does not imply any endorsement from GHI Electronics, who is selling Gadgeteer modules.