We have introduced a new feature in the MBN Core, known as Storage class.

In short : this class allows the use of different kinds of memories to be used with a single set of instructions, either for simple storage or for file-system (using the TinyFileSystem(*) driver).

Here is a sample code that demonstrate the (ease of) use of the new Storage feature :

Here is a screenshot of the result on a 256KB EEprom Click board :

What does that mean ? It means that you can use almost any memory storage device with MBN and store data on it in a very simple way. As long as you know their capacities and how to read/write an array of byte on it, then you are ready !
And now that the drivers already exist for the most common memory kinds, you even only have to change the capacity in one driver to have a storage device available in seconds !
Of course, you should be careful to not use the same chip with both TFS and simple storage. Their uses are obviously mutually exclusive.

This has had some implications on the MBN Core assembly and the different “memory devices” drivers (EEprom, Flash, FRAM, Onboard Flash).
Onboard Flash is not a internal static class anymore but rather a single driver like any other. So if you do not need Onboard Flash support, then it will save you some memory for your program.

All this has made MBN Core assembly to change its version from 2.0 to 2.1. All the download links are now updated and we recommend you to switch to this new revision. And, as a bonus, complete source code of the MBN Core has been added !
All the files are on the Download page.


(*) TinyFileSystem (TFS) driver has been heavily modified by MBN but credits for the original driver go to Chris Taylor (Taylorza).