Quail NETMF mainboard

Quail is an STM32-powered development solution for building hardware prototypes with MikroElektronika Click boards and C# managed code (aka .NET MicroFramework or NETMF).

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Tuatara mainboard

Tuatara is the little sister of the Quail board : it has almost the same features but in a smaller space.

If space is a concern, then Tuatara may be your choice !

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Dalmatian mainboard

If the Tuatara with its 3 MikroBUS socket is still to large, then the Dalmatian will come in handy ! It has only 2 MikroBUS sockets but this little beast does still hide a CR2032 battery holder in its back !

Other features are identical to Quail or Tuatara.

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Click board drivers

Download complete managed C# or VB drivers for a huge quantity of Click boards.

Each drivers comes with its source code, an application code and a .chm help file.

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A ton of features!!

It’s hard for nerds to spread the benefits and advantages behind the MikroBus.Net boards, but here is our best attempt:

Many features

STM32F427VIT6 MCU, NETMF 4.3.1, RTC USB host (mass storage), 8 MB Flash 24 GPIO +I²C and SPI on screw terminals


Switch boards easily

All of our boards are using the same numbering scheme for the MikroBUS sockets, thus facilitating the switch between different mainboards.

Huge quantity of modules

More than 123 Click boards from MikroElektronika, a mere 50 Gadgeteer from GHI, and many others from different manufacturers are available.

Adapters for Gadgeteer modules

We provide cheap adapters to connect to Gadgeteer modules.

Use any module brand

No matter where you purchase your modules, you will be able to use them with MBN mainboards.

Use custom modules

Thanks to Virtual Sockets, you can easily use a custom module.

A ton of features

The Mikrobus.Net boards has a ton of features, and we are proud to say that the boards represent one of the most powerful, fully professional and affordable platforms for building special purpose hardware solutions in minutes.

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